nevinbwI will resist the urge to write in third person. I am Nevin Thomas, sports journalist at The Hindu and Sportstar Magazine. Took up this profession after I realised I wasn’t exactly cut out to become the next Didier Drogba. I like to see life as a big experiment. You try out things, and move on if they don’t work out. I am a failed computer science engineer, a wannabe film-maker, a scotch-whisky delivery boy, a pseudo environmental activist and an inspiration seeking novelist. But much like the little pug in the old Hutch ads, Sports is something I have always loved and followed. There is no experience quite like being in the field, playing a diagonal, to release the winger on the opposite flank. Nothing so cathartic like screaming in support for your team. Probably explains why I ended up being as a sports journalist or why I wrote a thesis on Sevens football in Kerala. But yeah, the quest to understand sports from a socio,political, economical point of view continues – NT

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