The Road to Wimbledon: A lesson on unpredictability for India’s young talent

Tennis is NOT for everyone and the Chandigarh leg of The Road to Wimbledon 2019 was a rude reminder for someone like me, who grew up craving for a chance to try out the sport. And I’m not just talking about the economic aspects of the game that prevents a middle-class family from enrolling their kids’ name for a tennis program. The game is also incredibly grueling on your body and requires peak fitness to even complete a match.

It was indeed a privilege to experience lawn tennis, its unpredictability and its beauty up close, as I produced the videos for the event. India’s finest tennis talents fought it out amongst themselves, and while no 1 seed Ayushmann Arjeria might have won the competition, there was plenty on show to suggest a positive future for the sport in the country.

One of the stand-out performers in the competition was Dhananjay Athreya, who along with his younger brother Ashwath Arjun, might well script the future of tennis in the country. (WATCH)

Here is a small double-exposure shot of the Athreya watching his opponents intensely.

Experts from the All England Lawn Tennis Association, Jeremy Bates and Lucy Ahl, explained in detail how playing on grass courts was different from other surfaces.

Here are the links of the videos I made for The Road to Wimbledon in case the facebook embeds inside the post aren’t visible for you

1) Player Profile Dhananjay Athreya

2) Winner Profile Ayushmann Arjeria


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