Did you see Suzie Bates disappear?

I’ll forgive you if you tell me you don’t who Suzie Bates is. I didn’t know about her (and I call myself a sports journalist) for a long time as well. It’s not this cricket loving nation really cares about women’s version of the sport. She is the New Zealand cricket team’s captain, ODI cricketer of 2013 and perhaps the best in cricket today. Well if that isn’t awesome enough, she also represented her country in Basketball during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

So it was a big moment when Bates was named brand ambassador for Nissan (who are trying to capture the sub-continent market through cricket). And then they came out with this ad.

As you would have seen in the ad, brand ambassador 1 Andre Russel bowls through open car windows to hit the stumps. Impressive. But Indian batsman Rohit Sharma has other plans up the sleeve. He hits the full toss back through the windows for a six. Wow. And we wait to see what Bates will conjure up, after having had to witness all the testesterone-induced machoness fr0m her counterparts. And… the ad ends. Yes, I’ve searched the entire internet to check if a longer version exists but nope. That’s what we do to ‘White Ferns’ champion batswoman – make her sit in the car and watch the men have all the fun. All too normal in sports that I didn’t even find feminist blogs reacting to it.


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